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This is how we ride

The engine of The Pet Train rides on great values, produces meaningful work and creates unforgettable experiences.

If you love pets, you will love The Pet Train. The Pet Train stands for family, care and support. Your help can go a long way, even with a small contribution, such as uploading your pet's photo or by spreading the word. Everyone who joins us out of love and care for others, including pets, will be rewarded with an everlasting experience of Peace and Joy on The Pet Train. For us The Pet Train will ride fur-ever. As long as there are friends of The Pet Train who care.

Happy Family with Pets


Our passion for pets has led to care about their home and their families as well. If families are struggling, the pet also suffers. Both go hand in hand for us at The Pet Train.



As pet lovers and pet owners, we want to be part of the solution to make the world a better place for pets and their families.

Pet The Bunny


Helping pets and helping families can only happen when we build a forum of Trust and Transparency. We disclose our intentions and deliver as best as we can.

"We'll shelter him with tenderness, We'll love him while we may, And for the happiness we've known, Forever grateful stay."

- Author unknown



It's not just words. We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

The Pet Train stands for:

Participate, Empathy, Trust.

Team work, Responsibility, Advocate, Involvement, Neighborly.


Our vision

Our vision is to help all pets stay safe with their families and live happy and healthy lives.


Who is your furry friend? For The Pet Train, pets are all animals loved as family- whether it is a bird, a bunny, a cat or a dog. Loving care and family stand central in our vision of The Pet Train.

Our mission at The Pet Train is:

  • To give back to pets and their families in need.

  • To bring awareness in the community about the benefits of keeping a pet in your life.

  • To bring pet owners together in community spirit, online and/or in person.

  • To create an organization where others want to join The Pet Train, give back and be involved.

  • To reach an annual goal in charitable contribution for a pet-related cause.

  • To be an advocate for all pets.

Team work

At The Pet Train, members and sponsors work together as a team. We are all united in our passion to help pets and families in need.

Image by Anna Earl
Little Mouse


We are all responsible pet lovers and pet owners. We care and want to help them as best as we can. We know pets are happiest in a family and we want to help pets stay safe and well with their family.


We believe in the right of animals to exist without fear of abuse, exploitation or extermination. We also want to be an advocate for a pet’s health: a pet’s healthy weight, healthy coat, exercise, behaviors and provide resources to help. Our dream is that one day shelters are empty and all pets are in a home with a family, food, water and shelter.

Volunteers Packing Food


We are full of excitement to get The Pet Train rolling, year after year, but we cannot do it on our own. Please consider joining our effort, send us a pet photo or donate to our cause. Together we can accomplish so much more as a community and network.


Our pets are family and part of our society. Just like with neighbors, we respect each other’s space and make sure we take care of the needs of our furry kids, so we can all happily co-exist.

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"When I needed a hand,
I found your paw."
Are your pets part of your family tree?
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