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About us

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Here at The Pet Train, we see the value in everyone, including our pets. We want to be a catalyst for positive change. Our vision is to help pets stay safe with their families and live happy and healthy lives.  Two companies in Northern-Virginia started The Pet Train in 2020. Read their story below.

Our Story

The Pet Train Founders

It started with an idea of bringing happy thoughts and feelings back at a time when depression, loneliness and sadness were overwhelming lots of people due to COVID-19 (the 2020 pandemic). Karen Rosenberg of KSR Pet Care was looking for a way to help others -- and what is more comforting than looking at lots of fuzzy and cute pet smiles?


So why not build a build a train of pet smiles?


In September 2020, Karen Rosenberg of KSR Pet Care joined up with her friend and business owner Kristina Robertson of Barkley Square with the ambition to build on the successes of their respective pet care businesses and to give back to the world we and our pets live in. Helping others brings happiness, spreads kindness and good will.


Barkley Square and KSR Pet Care's owners Kristina Robertson and Karen Rosenberg have known each other for a decade as fellow business executives, but even more so, as network partners with a passion for pets and their well-being.


Being kindred spirits, their passion grew larger than their business plans. They dreamed and talked for years about doing more, giving back and making the life of ALL pets better. This dream lead to the vision of The Pet Train. 

Railway Tracks
What is The Pet Train?

The Pet Train is  quite literally a one-of-a-kind photo collage with the potential to turn it into an endless train of pet portraits. All pet owners or pet fosters can participate by uploading their pet's photo. We want to see your pet's eyes, nose, facial expression. But more so, The Pet Train is also a memorial to those furry friends who are no longer with us. If your pet has just passed away, we reserve a VIP seat for your pet in The Pet Train Memorial car. Your pet and his/her spirit will ride The Pet Train Fur-ever.


Donating a photo of your pet is all that is required to hop on The Pet Train

The 2020 Pet Train ran for less than two months. 150 pets hopped on The Pet Train resulting in $300 to a local non-profit helping pets and families suffering due to COVID-19.


To hop on the Pet Train, pet owners are asked to upload their pet's portrait, a headshot that is not blurry. 2020 sponsors Barkley Square and KSR Pet Care matched each photo with $1.00.

In April 2021 The Pet Train will again leave the station on another mission of raising funds for a great cause.

This year sponsors Barkley Square and KSR Pet Care will sponsor each photo of a Washington DC capital area resident.


Karen Rosenberg

KSR Pet Care
Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

President and CEO of The Pet Train 

With a passion for pets, Karen founded KSR Pet Care in 2008. Today, KSR Pet Care has 500+ active clients and a 20+ staff of pet professionals. KSR Pet Care is committed to high quality and customized care in dog walking, pet sitting, overnights, occasional at-home boarding, house and plant care, house checks and pet taxi. The experienced staff loves what they do, work as a team offering back-up support when needed to others on the team and think of their furry friends as family. KSR Pet Care services Mclean, Tyson's Corner, Vienna, Falls Church and North Arlington, VA.


Kristina Robertson

Barkley Square Pet Sitting and Pet Spa

Vice-Chair of The Pet Train 

Kristina is the owner of Barkley Square Pet Sitting and Grooming. Barkley Square was founded in 1991 and is a high-end grooming spa offering custom grooming services to each of their pet guests.  Barkley Square also offers professional pet-sitting, dog walking, and Bed and Breakfast services. Barkley Square is an accredited, bonded, and insured Pet Care company providing superior service catering to you and your pets specific needs. In-home professional dog walking, pet sitting and pet grooming service catering to you and your pets' specific needs in Arlington, Falls Church, Tyson’s Corner, Reston and surrounding area. 

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