Kristina Robertson

Barkley Square has a long tradition of providing pet owners in the Washington, DC metropolitan region with in-home professional pet sitting and professional pet grooming at our Falls Church, VA facility.  Kristina Robertson founded Barkley Square in 1991 under its original name, Karing by Kristina. Over the years, she has built the business and expanded into professional pet grooming with a focus on the pet's well-being and client satisfaction. ​

Kristina is a co-founder of The Pet Train and sponsors all participants who upload a photo on The Pet Train and matches $1.00 per pet portrait for The Pet Train (DMV residents only).

Pickles' story

Being a woman that has been through the abusiveness of a spouse, I made a promise to the two dogs that saved my life, that I would always give back to the dog community. Many years later, I have been given the opportunity to own several brick-and-mortar businesses so that I can keep my promises. 

Pickles is one of my stories that make everything I do worth it.